Additional Soundtex Information

Optimal sound absorption for all environments
Thin material, thickness of approx. 0,27 mm
Enhanced flexibility in building HVAC designs
Easy to apply on perforated ceilings, walls or furniture
Tested in accordance with all major international standards for acoustic performance and fire behavior. Further optional test reports upon request

For acoustical backing, 5th Wall Designs, LLC uses Soundtex, which is a paper-thin nonwoven that is applied to the back of perforated structures. Soundtex is designed to absorb sound for high-quality acoustical performance while offering aesthetic appeal. Click on the PDF for further specifications.

Common Questions

What businesses or spaces benefit from Soundtex?

Soundtex is ideal for spaces that require optimal acoustical performance while upholding building aesthetics. A few common examples include:
• Theatres
• Offices and conference rooms
• Convention centers
• Airports
• Municipal halls

What color is Soundtex?

Soundtex is available in white and black, as well as custom colors.

How can Soundtex save my project money?

Soundtex can reduce shipping and storage costs since it has a thickness of only .27mm. In addition, since Soundtex can be applied to perforated elements directly at the factory, it lowers shipping costs and requires less time to install on-site.