5th Wall Designs, LLC provides both stained and clear coat finishes (Interior and exterior) to provide the look you want to achieve. If a stain is required a sample(s) will be sent for your approval prior to finishing. All products are finalized with a pre-catalyzed clear laquer. Click the PDF to see our standard clear finish.

Fire Rated Core

5th Wall Designs, LLC uses a Duraflake Fire Rated Particleboard, when required, for all panelized projects. Click the PDF for specifics.

Flame Spread Performance of Wood Products

Provides building code accepted flame spread ratings for various wood products and species which are normally used as interior finishes for walls, ceilings, and floors in buildings. Click the PDF for details.


For acoustical backing, 5th Wall Designs, LLC uses Soundtex, which is a paper thin nonwoven acoustical backer. Click on the PDF for further specifications.
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