5th Wall Designs, LLC provides both stained and clear coat finishes (Interior and exterior) to provide the look you want to achieve. If a stain is required a sample(s) will be sent for your approval prior to finishing. All products are finalized with a pre-catalyzed clear laquer. Click the PDF to see our standard clear finish.

Fire Rated Core

5th Wall Designs, LLC uses a Duraflake Fire Rated Particleboard, when required, for all panelized projects. Click the PDF for specifics.

Flame Spread Performance of Wood Products

Provides building code accepted flame spread ratings for various wood products and species which are normally used as interior finishes for walls, ceilings, and floors in buildings. Click the PDF for details.


For acoustical backing, 5th Wall Designs, LLC uses Soundtex, which is a paper-thin nonwoven acoustical backer. Click on the PDF for further specifications.
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At 5th Wall Designs, LLC, we want our clients to feel informed and confident in our products and services, which is why we have provided in-depth resources that answer commonly asked questions and cover important industry information.

See below for resources on finishing, fire rated core, flame spread performance of wood products, and Soundtex.

Common Questions:

What makes 5th Wall Designs’ process for finding the right solutions stand out?

At 5th Wall Design, our mantra is to be Over, Above, and Beyond, Every Time, which means our customer service is designed to find the best solution for each individual client.

To begin, the experts at 5th Wall Designs are well-versed in the industry, therefore we know what questions to ask in order to gain a full understanding of our client’s needs. Furthermore, we conduct our own research by analyzing the building layout to gain insight into the structural background of the project. Using the gathered data, our team compares it to the initial problem or needs to provide an informed recommendation for what wood type is ideal for each client.

What other work has 5th Wall Designs done?

From large, complicated projects to simple, straightforward work, 5th Wall Designs has accomplished a variety of projects for a range of clients, and each is accomplished through collaboration and quality standards. To view some of the work we have done, please see the Our Work page.

What type of wood does 5th Wall Design offer?

5th Wall Designs offers an extensive variety of wood options, including different types (composite, domestic, and exotic) and finishes (dark, medium, and light). To view the full list of wood options, please see the Wood Species page.